October 15, 2007

Misplaced Frogs, Tiny Asses and Burning Pants

It's time for another edition of schoolyard jack-assery, culled from the fine children of our planet.

The Netherlands, France and Denmark, checking in...


Eén april
Kikker in je bil

English translation:

First of April,
frog in your butt.

Sent by: Masha


Grosse tête
Petit cul
Quand tu pète,
on te vois plus!

English translation:

Huge head
Tiny ass
When you fart,
you disappear!

Sent by: Jessica


Bennys bukser brændte
Børge råbte "Åh!"
Børge havde nemlig
Bennys bukser på

English translation:

Bennys pants were burning
Børge yelled "Oh!"
Because Børge was in fact
Wearing Benny's pants

Sent by: Kasper

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