May 2, 2007

Is This Thing On?

Hey there!

I've been laying low the past couple off weeks with wacky work stuff, but I'm ready to dig back in here. Let's ease into this with a couple of items...

1) I was interviewed by a fantastic 9-year-old kid named Matt.

Before you start wondering if a 9-year-old kid should really be reading The Sneeze, his mom just started reading select sections to him (cleaning it up here and there).

It's not often you get to answer killer questions like "What's your favorite number in Roman Numerals?" Thanks, Matt! You can find the interview right here.

2) This Friday night!

My wife, a big ol' group of our friends and I will be headed out to the Knitting Factory in Hollywood this Friday night, May 4th, to see our pals Cloud Cult. This show was a critic's pick in the LA Times and is also being recorded by XM for broadcast.

Tix are only 8 bucks, so if you have any access at all to Los Angeles -- come on down, say hi and join us.

It'll be fun. Click here for details.

Back in a bit.

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