January 9, 2007

In Response to Raisins

Here's one of the responses I received to the Christmas morning, Raisins v. Drum Set test...

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say I love your raisin idea! It makes me think my kid is slightly less weird for requesting (not kidding here, attached the wish list as proof) four, more or less, bricks of colby jack cheese for Christmas.

Accommodating parent that I am, there were indeed four bricks of Kraft under the Christmas tree. The kid gnawed on it like candy all day, lol.

At any rate, just wanted to say keep up the good work. You make the rest of us feel just a little more normal!

- Leasa


Your son is a genius. Not just for requesting 4 bricks of cheese (-/+), but for writing to Santa for a "jug" of eggnog.

I never thought of going to the big guy to get booze. That kid's gonna go places. (Possibly rehab.)


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