July 12, 2007

Cranial Coincidence? - UPDATED

A reader named Thierry has discovered something fascinating on the Neopets website. This familiar looking fellow named "Brain Tree."

I realize this is most likely a coincidence, but the fact that the brain is orange does make me wonder just a little bit. (If there's a mysterious lady in a hat who's always out to get him, something might be up.)

The Sneeze Official Brainwatch 2007 begins in late August.

UPDATE: Leah writes: "I hate to sound like a dork (or burst your conspiracy bubble), but the Brain Tree from Neopets has been around for at least 6-7 years because I used to frequent that website when I first got the high speed internet."

Do keep in mind that we're dealing with a highly-advanced intelligence here. There's no telling what this tree is capable of, or what diabolical plans it had set into motion long before it made itself known in my yard.

For all I know, that email actually came from the tree. But thanks for writing, Leah. Or should I say... TREE-AH?!!

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