October 7, 2007

Birthday Thanks

Last Saturday was my birthday. I wanted to take a minute to thank all you nice internet people who took the time to send along such lovely birthday wishes.

For starters, thanks to Will and Nina for this awesome little birthday movie they sent...

Check out Will's site at betheboy.com and Nina's at theslackdaily.com.

I'd also like to thank you awesome Facebook graffiti wall people. Here's a bunch of nice, mostly tree brain themed ones...

Thanks, guys. You make aging a little less sucky. (I know the "Death of a Quarter" one isn't birthday themed, but it deserved to be included.)

Also, if, for whatever reason, you think we should be Facebook friends, you can find my profile here. (You might be interested to know I got in trouble with them a few weeks ago for using a fake last name and they shut off my account until I gave them a different last name. I said it was "Sneeds" which I thought sounded enough like Sneeze and just like that my account was back. It's nice to know how much safer we all are now after that exercise.)

Click here for The Sneeze Home Page!
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