October 26, 2007

(Attempted) Mapping of the Band

UPDATE: The intended Tree Brains map in this post was a bust.

Instead, please enjoy this drawing of a duck on my leg.

For the uninitiated, awhile back I thought we should all form a band. We could have a cool name and a cool logo and the best part was: anybody anywhere could be in the band regardless of musical ability because we would NEVER actually play. We would simply be a band in theory.

As far as names go, many people suggested "The Tree Brains" -- inspired by the brain-like fungus that grows on every year on the tree in my front yard.

Harnessing the questionable power of 2-year-old technology, I thought we could try a Frappr map for everybody in the band check in.

From what I remember, the responsiveness of these maps may degrade as more people join, but we can give it a shot.

Feel free to claim your instrument and/or function in the band in the "Shout Out" box. (As far as the email address goes, I'd probably put in a fake one.) Also, more than one person can claim the same instrument. There really are no rules in our theoretical band.

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