August 31, 2007

A Post For One

For the first time on The Sneeze, I'm writing a post for a single person. You all can read it, but Arthur, this is for you...


How many times did I make fun of you for playing Guitar Hero? How many times did I not listen when you swore it was great? How many days on end did I have you describe in detail how you went to Blockbuster to rent a little plastic guitar -- and had you confirm that you walked out with a little plastic guitar and then later, drove back to Blockbuster to return your little plastic guitar?

I have since played Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II AND Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s - and it's one of the greatest games of all time.

I'm an asshole and I'm sorry.

That said, not only have I played these games -- I truly AM a guitar hero. I have seen a million faces, Arthur, and I HAVE ROCKED THEM ALL. Digitally.

If and when we play, I will probably beat your ass.


P.S. While acquiring new characters in Guitar Hero II, I was not comfortable "purchasing" an African-American man who was locked up in a store.

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