October 31, 2007

A Perfect Machine

Hi Steve,

I've been reading regularly for a couple years it feels like. And some "moons" ago you posted a picture you took in a bathroom of someone's crafty graffiti. I can't remember when the post appeared, but I do know someone changed the name of a "sturdy" baby diaper changer to "turdy." I found that so hilarious, and it's just stuck with me. And today, when I used the facilities at my school, Rutgers University, I noticed some graffiti on the hand dryer. Do enjoy.


Thanks, Liz. I'm confident scientists around the globe are working on just such a device as I type.

Ending World Hunger = Good.
Ending World Hunger with Bacon Machine = Fucking Fantastic.

(And here's the diaper changing station post that had such a positive impact on your life.)

Happy Halloween, guys!

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