June 28, 2007


The Sneeze turns 4 years old today.

It was exactly 4 years ago today that this site started out on Blogger. And what crucial bit of business did I need to tell the world?

JUNE 28, 2003

When I was a kid I played with baseball cards. While other kids collected 'em, traded 'em, and saved 'em - I made stupid poo jokes with them.

I had a baseball card of a player named John Urrea. So with some ingenuity, scissors and another baseball player's card by the name of Dyar Miller- I made a new and improved card. By carefully cutting out Mr. Miller's name and gluing it onto Mr. Urrea's, I had given birth to the Major League's newest loose-boweled superstar- "Dyar Urrea."

(I realize the post in the archive is a little different, but this is how it first appeared.)

I no longer have the original card I made, but I did manage to track down the the necessary ingredients with some help from my buddy Rob at Retrocrush. The recreation, is now lovingly framed in my office...

Thanks to all of you guys for the unbelievable support you've given the site over the past 4 years!!!

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