July 31, 2006

Thundergod and the Light Sprinkle

We've been trying to potty train my little one for the past few months and he hasn't been that into it. In an attempt to get him excited about the idea, I sometimes tell him about all the other cool people who use the potty. "Mommy uses the potty. Nanna and Poppa use the potty. You know who else uses the potty?! BRIAN FROM GUSTER USES THE POTTY!"

Guster is a band and my friend Brian is their drummer. He's an extremely talented percussionist who's known for frequently playing the drums with no sticks and just his bare hands. And ever since my son saw a concert DVD of this, Brian has become the boy's hero.

So the other morning he finally peed the tiniest little bit in the potty. (My son. Not Brian. Although I suppose Brian may still use a potty. I honestly can't say for sure.)

We were proud of him and he was really excited. My wife called my parents to let them know he finally did it. My wife gave the phone to the boy and said, "Nanna's on the phone. Tell her what you did this morning."

"NO! I WANT TO TALK TO BRIAN!" was the only reply.

It was nice to see his priorities regarding this milestone. My mother was only mildly insulted.

* * * * * *

Here's Brian's offical statement in response to this event:

This. This is the peak of my celebrity. I can't wait to meet him. Let him know he can call me anytime he wants to talk, so long as he keeps hitting the potty.


You can visit the official Guster site right here. While you're there, check out Brian's Road Journal. Lots of very funny, well-written entries offering a great glimpse into life on the road. (I particularly enjoyed the April 12, 2006 post.)

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