October 13, 2006

Squeeze Play

Bad handshakes bum me out. If someone presents me with a limp hand, or a clammy hand, or any other weird form of hand, I can't help judging them. But yesterday I was thrown a curve in the handshake dynamic.

A co-worker (one I don't know all that well) went to shake my hand, and just as it started, he totally squeezed to soon -- forcing my fingers into a far more dainty position than I had intended. Within an instant I became the "bottom" in this relationship.

I sadly tried to salvage it by at least giving a firm squeeze back, but somehow that only made it more pathetic.

I believe he was clearly in the wrong with his premature squeezing, but it didn't matter. Before I knew it I was shaking his hand like my aunt and then it was over and he was walking away.

What made it worse was he's a big, cool, guy's guy, too.

I'll be seeing him again today. I think we may need to discuss this. I'll keep you posted.

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