August 4, 2006

Something Colorful

A belated happy birthday to old pal of The Sneeze, Adam Savage!

And in the grand tradition that began with Eric, Enemy of Trains-- I give you Adam's first-hand account of how he started his special day....

My birthday began like this:

Me sleeping.

Addison (my son)'s voice pulls me from sleep with the following sentence: "Dad-- we were having a light saber battle and accidentally banged the (brand new 40 inch Sony LCD HD) tv."

After a quick series of parental computations about what this might actually mean, and what I'd like to hear next (like a dented frame, a broken button etc) I ask: "What happened?"

"Something colorful" he says.

A huge beautiful, ball peen hammer sized crack in the dead middle of the gorgeous image.


While this is a terrible story, I do think the response "Something colorful" is so fantastic, it might almost make the whole thing worthwhile.

UPDATED: A Fark reader created this great story-inspired image.

You can find the official Mythbusters site right here and Adam's Sneeze interview here.

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