February 26, 2006

Rape and Honey

I received these two interesting emails in response to the previous canola/rape post...

There's even a town in my home province who's motto is: "Tisdale - The Land of Rape and Honey".

I can't imagine it's done much for their tourism and I noticed it's not all that prominent on their website, but you can see it printed on the town's sign at the top of the page. They also admit this logo under the tourism interesting facts link.



"Hmm... that does sound like a lot of rape. But, they do have honey. Screw it-- Tisdale, here we come!!!"

Hey there,

Not to sound too much like an egg-headed academic because I'm not — an academic that is. I've long been egg-headed, but canola is bit more than just a new name for rapeseed.

True, they just arbitrary changed the name for marketing purposes a few decades back, but it had more to do with the fact that the original rapeseed plants were used for industrial oils and were not generally fit for human consumption. Something about high in erucic acids that can cause heart attacks.

Not to be deterred by such a trivial details, some scientist managed to breed out the harmful acid (before the days of genetic engineering) and thus they thought they had better change the name of the new stuff because who the hell would would they ever convince to eat this shit if everybody thought their hearts were going to explode at the first taste.

Anyway, it's actually healthier than soy oils, corn oils and blah, blah blah with zero trans fats or somesuch.

And no, I don't work for the canola police.


I found there's even a Ministry album named after a souvenir Tisdale mug the band had found...

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