January 1, 2006

O Holy Update

Last week I had posted a link in the Sidebar to this magically horrendous holiday classic.

What I love about it is just when you think it couldn't possibly get any worse, it does. By a lot. And more than once. I smile every time I hear it.

While no one seems to know who actually sang it (it has nothing to do with the site that it's on), I did receive this email which might fill in a few of the blanks...


I received a copy of that song at least 2, maybe 3 Christmas seasons ago after hearing it at our youth group meeting.

My friend Chris said that he received the song from the good folks at CIY (Christ In Youth). CIY is an organization that puts on huge youth conferences on college campuses, usually over the summer.

Chris is on one of their leadership committees and the story goes that that recording was circulated amongst the committee after it had been submitted as an audition tape. CIY typically has singing or talent night (at least I remember they used to) and this recording is a serious audition tape. No joke. It's serious.

I play that song every year for my high school students to lighten them up before they take their Fall semester exams. I have heard that mp3 circulate from time to time, most notably hearing it on NPR's Annoying Music Minute a couple of years ago. Now it is truly famous, thanks Steve.


Here's the mention of it on NPR's "Annoying Music" from 2002 (with no info on the singer, either).

Perhaps it's better left a Christmas mystery.

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