February 2, 2006

Hey, You Got Your Robot In My Donut

I know I've been laying a little low on the posts lately. This wacky thing called work just keeps getting in the way.

But I've been meaning to mention a fun game. If you've been reading The Sneeze for any period of time, you'll remember my fantastic robot paintin' pal, Eric Joyner. And if you remember Eric, you'll probably also remember his habit of slipping donuts into his robot paintings.

I mention all this because I was contacted by a game creator who, by complete coincidence, created a robots and donuts game a couple of years ago. It's called "Rocknor's Donut Factory." It's a fun logic/puzzle game set in a donut factory. You can check out the free trial version here.

But be warned if you, too, have the wacky thing called work you should be doing. This game has a suprisingly strong ability to suck people in. (Not really in the Paris Hilton way, but close enough.)

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