August 17, 2006

Guess What?

My six-year-old (who's now okay with being six) has been watching the Game Show Network. I know this because he turned our dinner into a game show in which he was the host and I was the contestant.

The rules are easy. You're given a multiple choice question with 4 possible answers. Each question is worth 1 million dollars. What makes the game fun is sometimes the questions don't make sense, sometimes there's more than one correct answer and sometimes he's just wrong.

It's very entertaining to watch him run the game, especially as he comes up with the multiple choice answers on the fly.

I wrote down all the questions and answers, essentially creating a "home version."

He has officially named the game "Guess What?"

Reveal answers by highlighting to the right of the arrow.

1. Which is the biggest in the way of counting?

A) 91
B) 30
C) 11
D) 10

Highlight for Answer-->91

2. Which restaurant invented chicken?

A) Islands
B) Deli
C) El Pollo Loco
D) In 'N Out

Highlight for Answer-->El Pollo Loco

3. Which volcano was the first one to erupt in time?

A) Mount St. Helens
B) Mount Fuji
C) Mount Casey
D) Mount Resky

Highlight for Answer-->Mount St. Helens

4. Which musical instrument is best used in a symphony?

A) Trumpet
B) Cello
C) Violin
D) Organ

Highlight for Answer-->Violin

5. When do you take your hat off when you see the President?

A) Royal Flag
B) Comedy
C) Respect
D) Country

Highlight for Answer-->Royal Flag

Hopefully the next game of "Guess What?" will be accompanied by a sweet new logo by my doodling genius pal, S. Britt. (No pressure, Stephan.)

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