April 30, 2006

Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny... and Fold

The little one came in sobbing and holding his arm. He said his big brother hit him, so I went to investigate.

It only took 6 years for the balls-out lying to my face to begin. I must admit, I was impressed with his speedy answers. I thought he would have crumbled sooner....

What happened to your brother?

He fell.

How did he fall?

He slipped on an ice cube.

Where's the ice cube?

It melted.

Oh yeah? Where's the water?

I cleaned it up right after he fell!

Are you telling me the truth? Is this really what happened?

(PAUSE) Did I just lose TV for doing something naughty?

What did you do?

I hit him.

He watches too much TV anyway.

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