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You Sank My Teacup


Sara and Nicole sent me this fantastic artwork from a 1967 game of Battleship they found in their garage.

While traditionally considered a 2-player game, it turns out Battleship was meant to be enjoyed by 4 people.

As long as 2 of them were women and they were in the kitchen scrubbing pots.

Look how happy these little ladies are, navigating the soapy seas! It takes a special gal to captain the finest ship in the fleet: the S.S. Sponge.


A Wink of an Eye


Five of us were in a room the other day. At one point it came out that 2 of the 5 were physically unable to wink. I never knew winking was such a potentially exclusive club. As one of the winkers, this gives me pleasure.

I have to believe 2 out of 5 is higher than the norm. Below is a highly scientific poll to help us all found out.

Can you wink?
Free polls from

Is there any other seemingly simple action you're physically unable to do? The comment board is open NOW CLOSED.


It's Day 6 for Treebrain(s) 2006 and there are now signs of drying and fungal old age.

I did see the Boing Boing link about these mushrooms this morning. I'm getting a lot of emails because of it -- so here's the link from back in 2003 where we had established the type of mushroom the Treebrain is thanks to this awesome letter from Mycologist Mike Boom. (I'm still not going to eat it, though.)

Here's the larger one. You can see a close-up of it here. But this close-up is still my favorite.

I think we've safely passed the window for the thief to return. Maybe their eating experience last year didn't go well.

They Grow Up So Fast

It seemed like only a few days ago the tree brains were just little nubbins, but look at them now...

Great close up here.


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