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Amazing Sheep Update

The sheep stopped growing "wool" and being amazing at around 6 pm PST.

Amazing Sheep: The Time-Lapse Movie coming soon to a monitor near you.

Amazing Sheep - LIVE

The "Amazing Sheep" is now live on the Sneeze Cam page and doling out amazement in two-minute increments.

I poured in the magical solution in a cup beneath the base, so all we can do now is watch and wait.

Read all about the sheep here.

Amazing Sheep TOMORROW!

Last November we had some fun with Magic Rocks in the first Sneeze Webcam experiment. You can see a time-lapse of that here.

I'm going to try it again, but this time the subject will be the highly curious AMAZING SHEEP.

I know it's going to be amazing because it says so on the box.

Here's the little cardboard sheep pre-wool.

The box also says "WOOL GROWS FROM PAPER - Wool will start to appear within 2-3 hours and will be fully complete after 1 days." And then right under that it says "In 1-2 days it's fully complete." So it's either 1 days or 2 days. I guess we'll find out.

I'll start it TOMORROW MORNING (5/31)
LIVE on the Sneeze webcam page
which you can find RIGHT HERE.

Afterwards, I'll put together a time-lapse of the whole thing.

No matter what happens, I do expect it to be INCREDIBLE.

There are reasons that I know this.

Towels at Half Mast

I read on BoingBoing that May 25th is Towel Day. A day to honor the great author, Douglas Adams, who sadly passed away in May 2001 at the age of 49.

Douglas Adams was best known for his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. I was a big fan growing up. And if I can geek things up even further, I was also a huge fan of his Hitchhker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure computer game from Infocom. (In fact, there are so many dorky elements to this story, I'm just going to ring a little bell whenever we hit one.)

So, about a thousand years ago, Adams was doing a book signing not far from my high school and I cut class to go meet him (DING!). Although he was out supporting his new book, this text adventure game happened to have been released about a week earlier.

I am both proud and embarrassed to admit that not only had I already purchased the game the day it came out (DING!), but had completed the entire thing in only a few days. (DING!)

I got to the book store early (DING!) and was first in line (DING!). While he was signing one of the several books I brought (DING!), I mentioned how much I liked the text adventure. He asked me what point I was at in the game and when I told him I had already finished it, he honestly didn't believe me. He then proceeded to quiz me on key points in the game and was suitably impressed when I answered all of his questions correctly. (DING!)

Which is why he wrote:

"To Steve, Who is clearly too clever by three-quarters"...


I didn't know Douglas Adams personally but he seemed to be a genuinely warm and friendly person, and I've only read the nicest things about him.

Apparently the idea of Towel Day is for people to carry a towel around for the entire day in memory of Mr. Adams (the usefulness of towels being a running joke in the Hitchhiker's books).

I'm happy to report I'm no longer geeky enough to do anything like that. But for anyone out there who is taking part in this celebration, I salute you. (And hope you don't get your asses kicked, you giant dorks.)

Questionable Car Question


I'm in the market for a new car and have absolutely no idea what to get. While I try to figure it out, I have a simple question for you....

Is the Mini a chick car?

The comment board is now closed.

It Stands for Thin Mint

After reading the Tough Cookies post, James was inspired to bring the Mr. T cookie jar to life.

Thank you on behalf of decent people everywhere, James. Really well done!! (If the movie won't play for you, try going to the YouTube page.)

Musical History: FOUND

I stumbled upon a small treasure in the street the other day.

I'm not the biggest Hall & Oates fan, but it appears to be the original hand-written list that Daryl Hall refers to in his 1981 hit song "Kiss on My List".

As the lyrics go...

When they insist on knowing my bliss
I tell them this
When they want to know what the reason is
I only smile when I lie, then I tell them why
(because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
(because your kiss) your kiss is on my list
Because your kiss is on my list of the best things in life

Anyway, here's the list. I actually hope the girl the song was written for doesn't see it. She might be a little disappointed.

If anyone knows Daryl, feel free to tell him I have the list. And I'm keeping it. Thanks!

The Immaturist's Guide to Birdwatching


The Swallow is a favorite among males in the bird kingdom (as compared to the Swallow's less desirable cousins "The Spitter" and "The South African Cantwejustmakeout").

* * * * * *

(Parus caeruleus)

One of the best locations to observe Tits in their natural environment is during their annual migration to Mardi Gras. (They are easily coaxed out of their nests with shiny beads.)

These birds typically can be seen travelling in pairs, with younger members being prized for their perkiness.

* * * * * *

Fairy Penguin
(Eudyptula minor)

Fairy Penguins keep warm thanks to overlapped feathers which are covered in a layer of light oil. If that doesn't work they might throw on a tasteful boa or maybe some chaps.

* * * * * *


The Booby is widely considered to be a "family-friendly" version of the Tit.

* * * * * *


This is a bird that definitely likes to have a good time. But may not be a suitable choice for mates that still live at home with their parents.

* * * * * *

(Dicaeum concolor)

This rare bird is known for communicating in a distinct series of chirps.

Once means "Hi!"
Twice means "Do you like my wings?"
And three times means
"I want to put my weiner in a Hibiscus."

The Flowerpecker is considered to be a weirdo by other birds.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

There are two somewhat legendary pilots for TV shows that never went to series living over on You Tube. They're definitely worth checking out when you have some time.

The first is "Lookwell". It was written by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel (best known as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and for his fantastic SNL cartoons). The show features Adam West as a washed-up crime show star who now believes he can solve crimes in real life.

You can watch "Lookwell" right here.

The 2nd is "Heat Vision and Jack" which follows "the adventures of a super-intelligent renegade astronaut and his talking motorcycle." It stars Jack Black as the renegade astronaut and Owen Wilson as the voice of the motorcycle. You can check it out here.

If it makes you sad that shows this great never got a shot, don't despair. Just be happy that "Gimme A Break" is now finally on DVD.


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