September 16, 2005

The Steve cont'd

sent to UPN programming...

Dear UPN,

I have an important business opportunity to discuss with you. Throughout the 90s NBC was the home of the famous haircut. They had it first with "The Rachel," and then later with "The Clooney!" Obviously, I could have written to NBC or CBS first, but I know you are the guys who can make this happen.

Nobody has stepped up in the 00's with a haircut, and that's where you and I team up, come out with "The Steve" and never look back!

Now, I have no idea what The Steve is going to look like, that's up to your crack team of hair people. I'm just the name. Don't worry about me not having a TV show, I have a website. Although, if you think my site would make a good TV show, maybe we could set up some meetings. Like with NBC. No offense.

I'm looking forward to doing business with you guys. Let's get The Steve out there already, so the fine people of this country will have something to clamor for. (It'll be nice to get their minds off all this doom and gloom Katrina stuff.)

The ball is in your court. Let me know how you'd like to proceed. My hairs await the sweet sweet clipping!


P.S. I rarely use conditioner. Don't need to!!!

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