May 22, 2005

The Sneeze Mailbag

I received a lot of email in response to the Guide to Women Peeing Standing Up. Here's a few...

SUBJECT: riding horses and peeing while standing up

Your handy guide to women peeing while standing up has left me a little confused. How can I choose the product best for me when I see that the models themselves cannot even choose? I want to know which product the horseback girl prefers, the Freshette or the Whiz?


Freshette Girl on horse

The Whiz Girl on horse

Nice catch! I guess some women have zero brand loyalty when it comes to pee cones.

-- Steve

Another reader made the same observation...

Dear Steve,

I don't know if you realized it, but The Whiz seemed to be a big fraud. Not only did they steal the slogan of the Urinelle, but also the mandatory photo of women enjoying new-found "freedom" was ripped off of the Freshette.

Just thought that the women of the world should be aware.

-Your fan,
Greg Long
Beloit, Wisconsin

Thanks, Greg. This is a black eye on the world of female urinary products.

-- Steve


I think I just gave my 5-year-old some cough medicine in a Travelmate. Silly me!


That's so weird! I just peed in my son's cough syrup.

-- Steve

And thanks to Jen, Robbie and Keith for pointing out even more of these important stand-up products that were overlooked in the guide...

Magic Cone - (Don't miss the animated instructions!!!)

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