May 12, 2005

the art of s. britt

If you didn't notice, the Jokes from the Booster Seat section two posts ago recently got its own fantastic new illustrated logo.

It was created just for The Sneeze by one of my favorite illustrators: S. Britt, and I'm honored to have some of his original work on the site.

Britt's art is magical. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy, and take you right back to a time when the smell of Play-Doh was in the air and your sandwiches were crust-free.

My son loved the new "Jokes from the Booster Seat" logo so much he even wrote a special S. Britt joke to say thanks.


Q: "Why did S. Britt spin the world?"

A: "Because it was so big!"

Do yourself a favor and click on over to S. Britt's site to check out the rest of his amazing portfolio. (Thanks again, Stephan!)

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