April 8, 2005

Tanna Blattler Appreciation Day!

From infected corn to burnt...

I hereby declare today international "Tanna Blattler Appreciation Day!"

Tanna was the lovely lady who won the eBay auction for the popcorn meteor. In addition to receiving the mousepad and bumper sticker, Tanna had also asked if my son would write a joke for the winning bidder -- which he did. (He actually came up with two - both popcorn themed.)

If you're out of the loop, I have posted a few of my son's "jokes" before, like here, here, and here. They seem to have developed a bit of a following.

I had created a special secret password protected webpage just for Tanna to enjoy her personal jokes, and then received the sweetest email:

Hey Steve,

Thanks for sending the meteorite package so promptly!

I also loved the jokes as well, and feel too selfish to keep them to myself-if you would like to share them with the masses, please be my guest!

The first joke is particularly spectacular-worn out! Har hoo hoo hee! I just absolutely dig it! The second joke is also a classic-I'm thinking my 4 year old nephew will appreciate it immensely!

The meteorite arrived safely in one large, crispy, stinky chunk. Thanks so much for sending it with so much care. I'm also happy to boast about being the proud owner of my very own bumper sticker and mouse pad too-and I can now say to the masses, "HA! I have a mouse pad, and you don't!"

Life is good :)

Have a great day, and thanks again for making me so happy,


Here are the two jokes specifically "written" for Tanna, which she would now like to share with the world:


Q: "Why did the popcorn get worn out?"

A: "Because nobody ate it!!!"

And here's a free bonus joke since he was on a roll:


Q: "Why did the popcorn get in the khakis?"

A: " To make the flies go away!"

If at any point today you are given thanks for anything, feel free to say "Don't thank me. Thank Tanna Blattler!"

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