October 26, 2005

Simply The Steve

Sent to the editor of Peanut Grower Magazine...

Dear Amanda,

I don't know if you remember me. My name is Steve and you were kind enough to write back awhile ago regarding the whole Simply Jif disaster.

How's the peanut biz treating you?

Anyway, you know how NBC had famous haircuts in the 90s like "The Rachel" and "The Clooney?" Nobody has done that in the 2000s, and I thought I should have one called "The Steve."

The problem is I've written to 6 networks (NBC, CBS, UPN, BET, Game Show Network and Oxygen) and not one of them has written back. I don't think it's professional at all. (I know you understand, because you write back!)

What should I do?

President, Peanut Pals

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