April 13, 2005

rallying the peanut troops

The day I put up the Simply Jif post I forwarded a copy to the Jif people, but they didn't write back. So I sent the following dopey and urgent group email to The Peanut Advisory Board, Peanut Grower Magazine, aboutpeanuts.com and The National Peanut Board.


Dear Peanut Experts,

I'm writing to you regarding a new peanut butter product called "Simply Jif." It contains slightly less sugar than regular Jif. It also contains a serious problem.

The very moment you alter the Jif recipe in the tiniest, teeniest, eensie-weensiest way, it's no longer JIf. In fact, it's simply NOT Jif!

Jif peanut butter is one of the "Big Two." They should be setting an example for the peanut industry - not causing confusion! They could call this product "SIMPLER JIF" or "SLIGHTLY-LESS-SWEET JIF" or "PRETENDING-TO-BE-SKIPPY JIF"-- anything but "SIMPLY JIF."

I'm confident that together we can do something to correct this issue. Obviously we are dealing in your area of expertise, so I'll respectfully let you carry the ball. Just let me know how you'd like to proceed.

Peanut Butter Enthusiast

It's odd, but for some reason I didn't hear back from any of them either. If I don't get a response today, I'll write again.

UPDATE: I did hear back from Peanut Grower's Magazine. I'll post it in the A.M. along with my stupid follow-up email I had prepared to send them all.

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