May 3, 2005

popcorn timeline

Who would have guessed that way back when I innocently bought a box of microwave kettle corn, it would give birth to:

- an expose on hidden Splenda
- a microwave disaster
- 144 thoughts on what I should do
- a $43 auction for a charred hunk of popcorn
- a cross-country trip for the popcorn meteor remains
- Tanna Blattler Appreciation Day

and now... sweet resolution. As Jen predicted, the fine people at Orville Redenbacher have bought me a new microwave. The check arrived the other day.

I should go spend it all on bitches and crack. Who's with me?! (Don't tell my wife. She totally frowns upon bitches AND crack.)

All the popcorn posts can be found in chronological order right here. (And for the record, the microwave really does still reek.)

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