August 9, 2005

Nice Jugs

A few years back, my old pal David started a jug band with his buddies. I've seen them play around L.A. a few times, and they're really fun.

They are known as the "What Me Worry? Jug Band" and one of their songs called "Cuttin' Butter" has been in the constant rotation in my house for years. It's 55 seconds of pure happiness, from the opening kick-ass jug beat to the heart-felt kazoos, right on through every big beautiful bicycle horn honk. (And I don't always find them beautiful.)

I've long considered "Cuttin' Butter" to be the unofficial theme song of The Sneeze. (I'm working on getting an "official" theme song in place, but until then this ditty can certainly do the job.)

Click here to download the mp3 of Cuttin' Butter. (I don't know where else you can find this much joy packed into under a minute-- unless you count having sex with me.)

Check out the What Me Worry? Jug Band site right here.

(and speaking of good tunes... music music... blah blah blah... cloud cult.)

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