June 6, 2005

monday morning mailbag

You write, I read...

Dearest Steve,

Recently I purchased a "bear cookie jar" that contained Stauffer's Animal Crackers to use in the Nursery at my church.

Wednesday night during services I went to serve some of the crackers, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but some "anatomically correct" rhinos!!

I am not sure what the Animal Cracker authorities would say. Please advise.

First time caller, long time listener.


I think the animal cracker people might suggest you start reading labels a little more carefully.

I took the liberty of digitally enlarging the photo of the jar you sent me. I realize it's a bit blurry, but if you look carefully I think you'll be able to make out what I'm referring to...

Hope this helps,

Dear Steve,

Wow, you've made the big time with that link from Mitchum deodorant. One day in June when I was 12 my mother came home with a stick of Mitchum for me (I smelled) but my grandmother was not having it in the house because she believed it was affiliated with the late actor Robert Mitchum.

Grandma informed me that ol' Bob Mitchum was a violent boozer and a drug addict, and his deodorant was banned, BANNED from the house. I was in awe that a simple anti-perspirant could get such a strong reaction from a woman who spent her days doing crossword puzzles and wishing my father dead, and I thought that a life of booze and fights would be cool. After mom discarded the offensive stick I fished it out of the trash and became the only kid on the block who had to hide his deodorant from his mom. Needless to say I did not get any tougher that summer, but I smelled ok.



I think your grandmother was right. I can no longer enjoy my link from Mitchum deodorant. Thanks a lot.


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