August 12, 2005

Maggot Game Plan Update

This morning I followed through on the Maggot Game Plan.

The garbage pail had been on the street since yesterday. When I heard the truck headed my way, I ran outside and banged the pail around to loosen any critters off the lid, and the truck did its thing.

I went to take a peek, and I have to say the game plan worked very well. Not perfectly, there's still about two dozen of the little guys wriggling around in there, but I'll take that over the writhing hundreds from the other day.

I've gotten many emails about this subject, including a few discussing the maggot life cycle and how they'll turn to flies in about 10 days and just fly away. One of those emails was even from the "daughter-in-law of an entomologist" (which I found both reassuring and comical).

I'm perfectly willing to let the stragglers sprout their wings and move on to bigger and better garbage. If you must view a couple of the remaining little guys, here they are. They're not so bad. They probably know the key to their nastiness is in numbers.

Now the pail just needs a good soak in some Pine-sol and it'll be fine. And I'm just the guy to make that happen. As soon as my wife gets back.

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