January 27, 2005

Global Schoolyard Rhymes 15

Things have been pretty active in the ol' international playground lately. Here are a few new ones sent in for France, Belgium and Italy...


je suis bourée, je suis bourée
je vais pisser tout seule
je suis bourée, je suis bourée
je vais pisser sur ta mère

English translation:

i am drunk, i am drunk,
i will pee all by myself
i am drunk, i am drunk
i will pee on your mother

Sent by: Anthony


Osso Duro
V'a fa'un culo

English translation:

Go fuck yourself

Sent by: Brian


Olé, Olé
En Steve dat is een ei
En hij zit in bad met zijn vinger in zijn gat
Alé Alé Yay!

English translation:

Olé, Olé
And Steve he is an egg
And he takes a bath with his finger in his ass
Alé Alé Yay!

Sent by: Peter

(This rhyme is from Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Peter says you can substitute any name, but I do enjoy a nice finger-in-the-ass bath as much as the next guy, so why change it.)

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