October 30, 2005

Fat Pie

Some time ago I received a very nice email from David Firth. I learned that David runs a site called Fat-Pie, which features his online animations.

I clicked on over to check it out and was met with some pretty bizarre stuff.

As this disclaimer on his page of cartoons reads...

Some are dark, some are silly, most are wierd. Just let them soak in to your insides and give you a warm feeling. The warning has now been upgraded to BOLD, so you really have your self to blame if you are the complaining type.

WARNING! These will upset children and the elderly, and please watch these at your own risk if you are doing acid or mushrooms. No complaints, I've warned you.

I'm still not sure I know what to make of David's animations, but I do know he's very good at them. And I'm mildly obsessed with the series of cartoons featuring the very odd yet compelling character "Salad Fingers" (pictured above).

You can find Fat-Pie here. And here's a link to the first Salad Fingers I happened to watch. Perhaps it will leave you thinking the same thing it did me: "What the hell am I watching?"

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