September 4, 2005

Bacon Bandage Winners!

Congratulations to Ivy, Aaron, Wolfgang, Sarah, Julie and Robin! They were the 6 winners of the Bacon Bandages in the Tell-A-Friend Contest. (If your name is Ivy, Aaron, Wolfgang, Sarah, Julie or Robin and you did not hear from me already, odds are you didn't win. But don't feel bad, because deep down we're all winners. Or some crap like that.)

Apparently the "World Wide Web" really is "World Wide" considering 3 of the winners are from Austria, France and England. I really am happy you guys won, I just ask that you feel a small degree of guilt for the extra shipping that I now have to pay. But pay it I will!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. And most importantly, I would like to thank the Archie McPhee company for providing (and inventing!) the bacon bandages in the first place. Please everyone visit them right here to buy yourself some bacon bandages, as well as to check out their incredible selection of novelties and weirdness.

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