April 22, 2005

a new crop of raspberries

6 brand new entries make their way into the Raspberry museum! Thanks to everyone for all the submissions.

by: Chip Sansom

There may be no official spelling of a raspberry, but I know "BBRACK!" ain't it.

Sent in by Károly, Taran, Char and Laur

© 2003-2005 Baby Blues Partnership.

by: Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

Two for one in the same strip, spelled exactly the same. I find that hard to believe. I like to think that like snowflakes, every raspberry is different.

Sent in by Mir.


Not even trying! Why not at least be consistent with the ludicrous "POO" like it is on the actual Whoopee Cushion in the very same package? Bizzare.

Sent in by Dan.

© 2000-2003 Ian McConville & Matt Boyd

by: Ian McConville & Matt Boyd

Extensive use of the "TH" for a more subtle, understated raspberry.

Sent in by Edminster

by: Michael Fry

Another elusive double-shot. Nice "Z" work on the finish.

Sent in by JB

© Dupuis 2005

By: Laudec and Cauvin

My new favorite. Pure insanity. The guy in the middle isn't reacting to the people, but to how ridiculous the spelling is.

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