September 3, 2004

The Secret Identity of Captain Avenger

I put all the silly Captain Avenger stuff in one area. For now the good Captain is in retirement.

I didn't really expect anyone to pick up on this, but his uniform and name were actually based on an old, somewhat obscure John Ritter movie called "Hero At Large."

In this movie John Ritter is a commercial actor who is playing a superhero named "Captain Avenger." On his way home, and still in costume, he foils a robbery and becomes a local vigilante hero.

Here's a picture of Ritter as the real Captain Avenger.

I haven't seen this movie in a thousand years, but as a kid, I loved it. I hope it comes out on DVD at some point. (And just so you know, I did try to put stripes on his shorts, but the stupid game wouldn't let me.)

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