September 1, 2004

The Importance of Current Events

I've been thinking. The Sneeze doesn't have to always be about light, fun stuff all the time. It wouldn't kill us to discuss some current events once in a while, right? Be a little worldly? C'mon, let's try it.

Hmmm... current events... current events... what's been going on in current events... oh, I KNOW! The Munsters! The Munsters have totally been in the news recently. I'm feeling more socially conscious already.

The complete first season just came out on DVD (including the unaired pilot in color!) which seems pretty cool, and then the Wayans brothers bought the rights to make a Munsters movie, which seems pretty not cool.

Contemplating the age-old question of Munsters v. Addams Family, I think I lean toward the Munsters. Rob says that other than Herman and Grampa, The Munsters were just a cheap rip-off of The Addams family. That may be true, except that Herman is da man! Da big retarded effeminate Frankenstein man. Which happens to go a long way with me.

Where do you side regarding this important issue that affects us all in these uncertain times? The comment board is open.

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Posted by Steven | Archive

Go for the Munsters all the way. It was the classic american sitcom except the characters were odd looking. They had the same problems as everyone else who worked as undertakers and had a strange family structure - that has to be atleast 75% of the population. Forget it, I'm drunk.

Posted by: stockholm at September 1, 2004 9:18 PM

Which one had the cute cousin or what ever she was? I'd go for that one. Both the girl and the show. Mortia adams was pretty hot too.

Posted by: Rob at September 1, 2004 9:47 PM

Marilyn was the hot cousin on the Munsters. They all considered her to be the weird one. Brilliant!

Posted by: Steve at September 1, 2004 9:51 PM

I've gotta say, I like the Addams family better. I mean, Mortisha and uh....the husband guy, they're awesome. So is lurch. I wish I had more to add to this comment.

Posted by: Lindsey at September 1, 2004 10:49 PM

Addams family for sure. They were a whole lot more sensual, a whole lot more creepy. And they survived the Hollywood treatment extremely well. I don't think the Munsters would fare so well.

Posted by: Mason at September 1, 2004 10:50 PM

The "husband guy" is Gomez!!! You need to get out less. :)

Posted by: Steve at September 1, 2004 10:59 PM

My first Sneeze post!

Muntsers, I too, love Herman and Grandpa, and the unknown monster in the basement. I grew up with these characters and have good feelings and memories associated with them. Unfortunately, the Addams family was less visible on TV than the Munsters, and I think I actually DID feel creeped out by them. I think the Munsters were just as human as any family, they just looked funny and did funny things. (Sound any different than your family?)

Posted by: Sebastian at September 2, 2004 1:10 AM

The Munsters by a landslide! The Addams Family was like, the one family in your neighborhood that was too cool for everyone else...the Munsters, on the other hand, were "regular", except for their appearance, which was, uh,..."irregular". Plus, who in your neighborhood had a butler, for chrissake! The Addams Family, maybe...but who else? And their kids, who'd wanna play with them, especially that fat little bastard Pugsley! Remember the "Addams Family" schoolyard rhyme (Uncle Fester farted, blah blah blah)? Ya think that got made up because people liked the Addams Family better than the Munsters? No way! MUNSTERS! RAH!
Oh yeah...Gomez Addams? What a douchebag!

Posted by: El Impulso! at September 2, 2004 4:22 AM

Gomez was a war-mongering (all that fencing!) tool of big business and Herman was a fat cat flip flopper (gay? straight? who knew?)
So, really, how could I be expected to make a choice?

Posted by: Jim at September 2, 2004 5:31 AM

The Adams Family was more cerebral than the Munsters. However, I prefered the Munsters. Marilyn was extremely hot.

Posted by: Martini Ha at September 2, 2004 5:32 AM

The Adams Family is Letterman, as the Munsters is Leno. I'm a Letterman man myself.

Posted by: felix at September 2, 2004 6:00 AM

Addams Family! There's nothing better than a theme song you can sing and snap along to. And rap along to if you're Hammer (don't hurt 'em!).

Posted by: Kat at September 2, 2004 6:06 AM

I'd go with the MUNSTERS, but just barely. Each had it's own strengths...

- Morticia was definitely hotter than Lily
- Gomez could kick Herman's ass
- Uncle Fester and Grampa about even in laughs (everyone has at least one of these in their family I'm sure...)
- Eddie: fag, Puglsey: fat fag, the little Adams girl (?): goth lesbian
- Thing: cool, Spot: cool

Let's hear some comments about the newer Adam's movies versus the old Munsters movies!

Posted by: Scottor at September 2, 2004 6:10 AM

The Munsters is Leno??? Can't the Munsters be Conan? Or even The Late Show with Craig Kilborne? Just not Leno.


The Addams Family is C.S.I. Miami and The Munsters is that Six Flags commercial with the old guy.


what if The Addams Family is AfterMash and The Munsters is Saved By The Bell: The College Years

Posted by: Steve at September 2, 2004 6:18 AM

What side does CNN want me to be on?

Posted by: Nick Postagulous at September 2, 2004 6:19 AM

Definitely the Munsters! The Addam's family's only saving grace is the daughter is pretty hot (although her twin drags the average back down).

Posted by: Crash at September 2, 2004 6:19 AM

I must admit that the Addams Family have a secret weapon that must be acknowledged: Cousin Itt.

Posted by: Steve at September 2, 2004 6:23 AM

Oh yeah, it's true that Marilyn was hot, and that it was a BRILLIANT idea they considered HER wierd, but they RIPPED OFF THAT IDEA FROM ROD friggin SERLING!(an episode of the Twilight Zone).

Posted by: felix at September 2, 2004 6:29 AM

I have to go with The Munsters, mostly because back then, I didn't dig on the idea of a disembodied hand crawling around. I will give Morticia props for having better hair than Lily Munster, though. And I didn't like Grandpa's voice.
Geez, could I bitch more? Lets wrap it up with something positive...I thought Lerch played the harpsichord very well. (howz that!)

Posted by: k at September 2, 2004 6:37 AM

Felix, you're right. That Twilight Zone Episode was "Eye of the Beholder" in 1960-- where all the ugly people thought the beauitful girl was a freak.

Damn you.

Posted by: Steve at September 2, 2004 6:43 AM

Such tough decisions in life.

I am going to go with the Addams family because of this single fact.

The Lionel Train smashups!! I mean, watching Gomez with a stogie, eyes all bugged out on his adrenaline rush, and having two vintage Lionel trains head at each other at breakneck speed and BLAM-O! Train parts flying everywhere!! Who didnt want to do that when they were a kid? That was simply awesome.

The Munsters did have one tricked out pimpin ride, but I still gots to go with the excessive, gratuitous Lionel Train carnage!

Posted by: jmig at September 2, 2004 6:47 AM

Addams Family = I Dream of Jeannie and The Munsters = Sgt. Bilko. For straight ahead, vanilla laughs, ya gotta go with the Munsters (Oh no, Herman's a pro wrestler... no, don't pull the bag off his head... AHHH! Everyone run away! He's scary!)For twisted and dark, and lots of pent up sexual energy, ya gotta go Addams Family (Uncle Fester needs a girlfriend. Hey, Gomez, let's hook him up with the door-to-door cosmetics lady... after we go f*ck in the torture room!) So why choose? Can't we have both. Can't we watch the Addams Family and get all hot, sweaty and worked up and... and... AND--ahhhhh, now let's kick back, watch the Munsters and fall asleep. (I need a tissue.)

Posted by: chocky at September 2, 2004 6:48 AM

There are probably some Adams Family fans out there who may not know that the show was based on the stylings of Mr. Charles Adams, who created them for a very long series of single panel cartoons for the New Yorker magazine. They have been gathered published in at least a couple of books. Some very funny black humor.

You're coming around aren't you, Steve?

Posted by: felix at September 2, 2004 6:57 AM

"The Adams Family is Letterman, as the Munsters is Leno. I'm a Letterman man myself."

Felix, that's probably the best thing I've read on the internet all year.

Posted by: Magnificent Bastard at September 2, 2004 7:38 AM

Addams Family, without a doubt. Gomez was suave and debonair, Herman was a buffoon. Morticia was hot and exotic, Lily was prissy and nagging. Lurch ruled on the harpsichord, Thing was creepy, the Uncle Fester lightbulb gag never got old... Everything about the Addams family was better than the Munsters. Except for the Munsters cars. Those were wicked awesome.

Posted by: El Gato Loco at September 2, 2004 7:55 AM

I vote for the Addams Family, I loved all the characters in that show, especially Lurch!

Posted by: her_suziness at September 2, 2004 8:18 AM

I have to go with the Addams Family, on the strength of the original cartoons, alone. And we didn't get The Munsters 'round these parts. Fred Gwynne's great, though. Was. Sigh.

Posted by: Glen at September 2, 2004 8:55 AM

Poor Fred Gwynne. Whenever I saw him in a movie, no matter how long ago The Munsters was, half the audience would still yell out - "Herman Munster!"

Posted by: Steve at September 2, 2004 8:56 AM

I think it comes down to two things: The theme song and the car.

I mean, "duh-duh-duh-DUH! Sweet. duh-duh-duh-DUH! Petite."

That's fine and all, but please, give me, "bair nair na nair na NAIR, NAIR NAIR NAIR! Ba na NAIR, Ba na nair nair nair NAIR" any day of the week.

Also, didn't the Addams family drive some lame hearse thing? C'mon! The Munsters had that ka-razy evil hotrod! I'm 33, and I *still* think about that car and how much I want one!

The Munsters by a mile.

Posted by: Rick at September 2, 2004 9:09 AM

The Munsters rocked! Though John Astin's excellence almost kept the Addams Family on par with the Munsters.

Posted by: Steve at September 2, 2004 9:10 AM

Believe it or not I have actually never seen either The Addams Family OR The Munsters. Never. Not once. Of course I'm only 15, but I'm beginning to feel I have missed an essensial part of my journey through life. Anyway, I have two reasons why The Addams Family is cooler. One, the name rocks, The Munsters just sounds cheesy. Two, the girl who played Wednsday in the T.V. show and some of the later movies goes to my school.

Posted by: Allison at September 2, 2004 9:24 AM

Addams Family, by a mile. I always thought the Munsters were boring. They had the cooler house even if the Munsters had the cooler car. But don't knock the hearse, man.

Posted by: jen at September 2, 2004 9:40 AM

Gomez was a total psychopathic horndog bondage freak. A model of what American fatherhood should be all about.

Posted by: WG at September 2, 2004 9:48 AM

Munsters. I used to watch reruns ALL THE TIME. Couldn't get enough. And I LOVE the car... whoo!

Posted by: Sarah~* at September 2, 2004 10:13 AM

The Adam’s Family had a certain dark undertone that was more to my likening. How do you not love the deadpan way that Morticia Adams was played. Gomez, Pugsley, Grand-ma and Uncle Fester were balanced by Morticia, Wednesday, Lurch and Thing. It was a darker humor, but even funnier because of that fact. It always reminded me of a Goth version of Beverly Hillbillies.

Posted by: Griblex at September 2, 2004 10:15 AM

Ok, I think it's high-time for another episode of "STEVE DON"T EAT IT!" Since you have done some Japanese food in the past, I suggest you try something Korean. Ever heard of Kimchi??

Posted by: A Fan at September 2, 2004 10:29 AM

Addams Family. The wicker chair, the kissing when Morticia spoke French, the psycho kids.

But I did like Eddie's widow's peak on The Minsters.

Posted by: Ice Queen at September 2, 2004 10:30 AM

As has been mentioned before, the Addams Family was ported over from the dark, gruesome single-panel comics that Charles Addams drew. (Like Edward Gorey, but creepier.) That's why I much prefer the Addams Family. That dark legacy floated through the series, making it so much more fun than the Munsters.

Posted by: Keith at September 2, 2004 10:32 AM

CARAMIA! Now, you can't imagine Herman Munster coming up out something like that--Gomez was the best, sexy and mysterious. And Morticia, mmmmm, I still think of her every time I cut the roses off my thorn plants.

Posted by: Jamjiujitsu at September 2, 2004 10:41 AM

Will Uncle Fester ever find love or is he doomed to watch her run screaming out the front door everytime?

Posted by: Ocupante at September 2, 2004 10:46 AM

Addams Family hands down. Who could forget Lurch? Cousin It? The lovely plant that would eat things, I don't remember its name. The nosy neighbor. Oh wait..was that Bewitched?
Awesome family. They were always nice to visitors and were a great family.

Posted by: Tiffanie at September 2, 2004 10:49 AM

Munsters. I like the cheese and i like the show.

Posted by: nicole at September 2, 2004 11:08 AM

The Addams Family was definitely the more nuanced, sophisticated, subtle program. Nevertheless (or because of this), the Munsters was simply laugh-out-loud funnier.

In some ways the shows are mirror-images of each other. The Addams, family, with the arguable exceptions of Uncle Fester and Lurch (and definite exception of Itt), is a family of outwardly normal-looking human beings. Gomez and Morticia are conventionally attractive and fabulously wealthy. Their comically dark behavior and accoutrements are what set them apart.

The Munsters, on the other hand, are literally working-class (Herman works at a cemetary) monsters who are doing their best to secure a place in the American middle class and are oblivious to their physical differences. The comedy comes out of the juxtaposition of their monstrous appearance versus their pedestrian self-image.

Herman is the most obvious and funniest manifestation of this particular tension and Fred Gwynne played him perfectly -- no easy feat in my opinion (one need only see how dismally the very talented Jonathan Shuck fared in the difficult-to-watch 'New Munsters' some years back). Just take a look at the physical ticks present -- the little fist shake and wagging finger, the constant tugging at his too-tight jacket, the tight circle of his mouth. Gwynne inhabited Herman completely; I am sure he felt typecast, but this was the role of his life.

There is a lot more to say about how each show (especially the Munsters) is a parable of immigrant assimilation, but I really would like to have a three-way with Marilyn and Morticia.

Posted by: Randy Bitterman at September 2, 2004 11:26 AM

Whenever I think of the Munsters and the Addams Family (side note: Being of a younger generation and in my mid to late 20's I haven't seen much of the Munsters, but a lot of the Addams's)I think of Cracked Magazine's The Ugglies. Do you remember the cheesy parody? It was more of a gross-out factor than social commentary and made me think that the magazine was very immature. Unlike my Sgt. Rock comic books......

Posted by: Aaron at September 2, 2004 11:41 AM

Munsters. The daughter really rocked.

Posted by: Strode at September 2, 2004 12:32 PM

I the time of their respective creations, the Munsters were to the Addams Family what Cracked magazine was to Mad magazine - blatant rip-offs. In their day it was Addams family and Mad all the way.

Posted by: Colfaxeng at September 2, 2004 3:23 PM

Addams Family. As has been noted, overall much sexier in tone. Plus, Wednesday =)~

Posted by: Katchan at September 2, 2004 7:28 PM

Don't judge the Addams Family strictly by the damned movies, they did the show absolutely no justice.

Posted by: Raijin Z at September 2, 2004 8:03 PM

Addamses by a mile. The Munsters was a schlock sitcom but the Addamses, while being truly weird, were written so there seemed to be real affection, passion even, between Gomez and Morticia. Lurch, odd as he was, was treated with dignity. Uncle Fenster vs. Grandpa is a wash. The Addams kids were more perverse, thus better.

Posted by: Kevin Walsh at September 2, 2004 10:15 PM

The Addams Family was the better show, but the Munsters had the better themesong. Nuff said.

Posted by: Robot Johnny at September 3, 2004 8:39 AM

Some facts about the Munsters:
*Munsters and Addams Family premiered the same week in 1964 and were cancelled the same week in 1966.
*Munsters was ranked the 18th most popular show, Addams Family the 23rd.
*Fred Gwynne took two hours to become Herman Munster, including both costume and make-up. His five-inch platform boots weighed ten pounds, and is costume was so heavy that he lost ten pounds during the first weeks of shooting.
*Yvonne de Carlo hated her "Lily" make-up, complaining that it made her look older. She tried to paint out the grey streak in her wig. She had five hairdressers fired in two years.
*Yvonne de Carlo didn't even want the job as Lily, but she needed money. Her husband (a stuntman) had been critically injured filming a movie, and she had used all her savings on his medical treatment.
*Grandpa's car was a dragster with a real coffin as a body. The funeral home refused to sell a coffin to the car's designer unless someone were dead. So the designer had someone leave an envelope of money at the funeral home while some guys picked up a casket and walked out with it.

Source: Uncle John's 8th Bathroom Reader

Posted by: nosleep3 at September 4, 2004 4:27 PM

The Munsters, and NOT the Brady Bunch, was the first show on television to show a married couple with a double bed instead of twin beds.

I know too much trivia.

Posted by: nosleep3 at September 5, 2004 10:08 PM

OMG, even as a little kid I was all about the Addams Family. Morticia was hot. That creepy little punk Pugsly blowing shit up all the time was hilarious. Tuesday scheming to bump people off. Lurch cracked me up and scared the crap out of me at the same time. Genius.

Posted by: Raynay at September 7, 2004 2:27 PM

I know Lurch is runny for president and all, but I still have to go Munsters all the way. Herman is the man, what can I say. Who didn't love Herman? Maybe the communists.

Posted by: Mac at September 8, 2004 8:27 PM