November 21, 2004

Love American Standard Style

A while ago my wife and I happened to be hugging and my 4-year-old demanded to know why.

My wife said something along the lines of, "That's what married people do sometimes."

Tonight we were all in the bathroom getting my son ready to go in the tub. My wife was exhausted and rested her head on my shoulder, so I gave her a hug. Little naked man looks up with a giant smile and says...

"YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED! IN THE BATHROOM!!!" Then he started giggling hysterically.

It was really funny and really adorable. We were all laughing at that point, and he adds, "Heh heh heh. YOU TWO LOOK LIKE LOVERS! HA HA HA!"

Like what now?

I have absolutely no clue where that came from, but it's okay. What's more entertaining than a 4-year-old who is occasionally 58?

On a side note, several of you wrote in telling me you loved the "jokes" he's been writing, so here's a new one from the other day.

Like last time, just highlight the answer to make it visible. (And remember that he really sells these punchlines hard, as if he's telling the funniest joke in history.) I don't even understand the question on this one.

Q: What begins with a lumber catcher and a truck?

A: "They both make a sawmill!!!"

Of course they do. Now I want to go hug that little goof. But then we'd be married.

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