December 3, 2004

It's Raining Arrows

Since I posted about the secret arrow in the Fedex logo, and the weird "A to Z" smile/arrow in the Amazon logo, a number of people have written pointing out (Get it?! Pointing...? Arrows...? Blow me.) ...have written pointing out even more subliminal arrows floating around in the world of logos. It seems to be more of an epidemic than I thought...

Douglas writes: "I noticed this when I was an adolescent about 15 years ago. I thought the downward pointing arrows "splitting the 'y's" in the Playboy logo were somehow oddly phallic. Maybe I'm just a bit too eager to get to the articles."

Susan writes: "There are two arrows in this one. One going, and one returning. Subliminal message? 'Cause we all know that if you give blue, and get lime green back the world is a much better place."

Here is a closer view...

Bruce writes: "Another in the continuing series of arrowed logos... Sorry to further your torment."

Note the 4 arrows formed by the "N" in this one...

Mark G. writes: "I have done some research and discovered a secret arrow in your new logo! I don't know what to make of this. Did you know it was there?"

And while not exactly "arrow" related, Fleshnils writes: "I've always thought the Jack in the Box logo was trying to pull off a jesus fish kind of thing. I also remember something about a verse from the bible being written really small on a part of the placemat or the cups or something. But that's beside the point. You be the judge. jesus fish?"

At least there's absolutely positively no hidden arrows in the new sneezing gingerbread man. (And thanks to Pete for painting him!)

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