July 20, 2004

Harper's & The Sneeze: WACKY!

How many times have you been working out, or eating your cereal or burying the body out back and thought: "Golly, The Sneeze is pretty okay. How come it's never featured on pg.22 of the August issue of Harper's Magazine?"

Well, guess what, Bubba? Your dreams have almost come true! The Sneeze IS in the August 2004 issue of Harper's, but it's actually on pg. 24. (Now don't feel bad, you were really close!)

Harper's has published 12 rhymes from the Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project.

I will admit it's a little odd seeing The Sneeze mentioned in such a well-respected periodical as Harper's. But let's not question it. Let us just enjoy, and say "Thank Yooouuuu, Harper's!"

Now all we need to do is get "Steve, Don't Eat It!" in the next issue of Gourmet.

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