October 7, 2004

Global Schoolyard Rhymes #13

Here are a few new obnoxious kid rhymes from Spain, Germany, and Mexico-- this time all sporting a jaunty fecal theme...


Me tiro un peo
Salen dos
Y huelen tres.

English translation:

I cut a fart
Two come out
And it smells like three.

from: Julia



Fidi, Fidi, Fumfei,
schitt de ganze Büx twei,
Moder set n Flicken vöör,
Fidi schitt al weer döör.

English translation:

Fidi, Fidi, Fumfei,
shit his pants so they broke apart
Mother put a patch on it,
Fidi shit through it again.

from: novala



(This one has a gimmick. You get the victim to end each line with "ka", in response to whatever you say.)

Viene la lo (ca),
En una tro (ca),
Llena de ca (ca),
Para tu bo (ca)!

English translation:

Here comes the crazy woman,
Driving a truck,
Full of shit,
to fill your mouth!

(The way the reflexive pronouns work in Spanish, the "your" actually refers to the mouth of the person saying "ka.")

from: David

(I'll admit that David's translation politely read "Full of feces," but I changed it to "shit" in honor of the children. -- Steve)

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