July 18, 2004

Finding Nemo's Hole

GilI know you can poke holes in just about any movie, but this one just sorta jumped out at me, so pardon me while I poke.

My son was watching Finding Nemo for the 4012th time, (a movie I do love, by the way) and it occurred to me-- why wouldn't Gil just have pretended to be dead to get out of the tank from the start?

He's a very bright fish. He was able to concoct a complicated tank escape plan involving a broken filter and a risky rolling bag scenario, and he never once thought to just go belly up and get flushed like Nemo eventually tries? Gil clearly knows "all drains lead to the ocean." He says it himself.

My wife says Gil is just a Rube Goldberg type. I can respect that response. But then again that's her answer to everything, and it rarely makes sense.

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