July 25, 2004

Boys "R" Us

Back in the day, I was a graphic designer. I designed all kinds of crap for mass mailings, product catalogs and CD-Rom packaging. When I was bored (always), I'd hide little things in layouts for my own amusement and wonder if anyone out there would ever actually catch my brilliant stupidity.

I was in Toys "R" Us yesterday and came across this "Geoffrey" Beach Ball (which only come one to a package, mind you). I just know some doof out there was bored designing the insert for this thing and thought -- heehee, if I put another one in, it will look like the little girl is holding a gigantic pair of giraffe balls. And then I'm sure he wondered if anyone out there would catch it.

Nice work, dude. I caught it.

I defy you to cup them.

And check out at that smug look on Geoffrey's face! You'd look smug too if each of your nuts was 2 feet wide. Given the giant balls, I can only imagine what that's a pool of she's swimming in.

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