May 20, 2004

Ask Dr. Michael - Vol. 5

Yet another quickie blast of love straight from Dr. Michael (originally seen in Stet)

(All questions were sent in by readers, all answers were transcribed verbatim from 8-year-old Michael, and all hilarity ensued.)

Dear Dr. Michael,

How can I get a red spaghetti sauce stain out of a white shirt?

--From Oops

Dear Oops,

You could always go to a pow wow and get a book for old Indian remedies. I don't really know exactly because I'm not an Indian.

But if the shirt is plain, cover it up with an old Indian type of dirt that you put in water. It's kind of like mud, but it cleans. I'm just sort of making this up so don't be prepared to do it, but it sounds like something Indians would do. Mud doesn't stain.

Whatever you do, stop eating spaghetti with a white shirt. That's what I'm advising you. Use a big napkin that covers the whole shirt.

--Dr. Michael

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