February 25, 2004

An Urgent Open Letter to Mexico

Dear Mexico,

I need to make you aware of a situation. I'm not sure the best way to tell you this, so I'm just going to say it...

The United States has stolen your burritos and is now calling them "wraps."

It's been going on for a few years now, and I thought you should know. I would have said something sooner, but I didn't have a website then. (And your number is unlisted.)

I think the first "wraps" had more corporate american fillings like turkey and mayo, but now things are completely out of hand, as you can see from this recipe for a BEAN AND CHEESE WRAP.

I don't know how to say "That's fucked up" in Spanish, but if I did, I would. You'll have to settle for a sincere, "Aye, aye, aye!" (I'd say "Aye, Carumba!" but The Simpsons already stole that from you 10 years ago.)

Vaya con dios!

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