March 23, 2004

A Most Thoughtful Gift

There's nothing quite as special as receiving a thoughtful gift from a friend who has returned from a trip. It's such a nice feeling to be remembered like that. My friend Kirker got back from Chicago and gave me just such a present-- this stylish trucker's cap.

In addition to being so trendy right now, there are so many reasons why I love my new hat:

  • From a purely functional standpoint, this cap will help protect me from the sun's damaging rays for years to come. No pre-mature aging here!
  • The bill of the hat also acts as a "visor" to help keep the sun out of my eyes-- helpful for seeing.
  • The cap is very light-weight, so it won't cause me any undue neck strain, like all those "heavy hats."
  • What's more, the top of the hat is made from an expensive, delicate mesh that allows air in, and won't cause me to become over-heated. The darn thing is even adjustable to fit anybody's head! ANYBODY'S! What doesn't this cap do?!
  • To top it off, the front is accented with this eye-catching braided piece of rope. Sharp!

  • ..................................

    I think it's safe to say, the true gift here is having a friend like Kirker. Not to mention, so often kids are embarrased by their parents. It feels good to know that I'm one of the few hip dads a kid can be proud of. I could go on, but right now I need to pack up the little woman and the kids, put on my nifty new hat, and it's off to church. See ya.

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