October 17, 2004

A Delightful Getaway

Taking a vacation in a secluded, exotic locale sounds pretty enticing.

I am no longer interested in the types of trips I was when I was a kid. Childish destinations like Disneyworld no longer hold the same appeal for me. I'm not some silly twelve-year-old anymore. I'm a mature adult now.

Which is why I was so excited when I heard about a place called Pee Pee Island Village in Thailand.

To me, Pee Pee Island evokes images of a place that's always warm.

A place always bathed in a golden shower of sunshine.

I was also pleased to learn that Pee Pee Island resides just off the coast of Phuket Island. Extremely pleased.

Any mature adult (myself included) will tell you that it's always polite to bring a small gift when visiting somewhere, so I have come up with a slogan which I humbly give to this fine island's tourism board:

"Pee Pee Island Village: You really have to go."

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