August 26, 2003

What Wrong Is With A-Holes Those?

The other day I saw this blurb from the National Enquirer:

"Pirates" star overcomes dyslexia "I was called stupid a lot ... I'm dyslexic," reveals hubba-hubba "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Keira Knightley. "I was writing numbers back to front -- and couldn't read a word. But I became determined to read and write . . . to figure out ways around it. Right now, I'm fine." (Keira, winner you are a!)

Wait... "Keira, winner you are a!"???

They're publicly making fun of someone trying to overcome dyslexia? Damn. Maybe The National Enquirer isn't the respected establishment I had believed it to be.

I did do a little fact-checking, and at least the rest of the story does check out. She is, in fact, hubba-hubba.

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