October 28, 2003

Toilet Humor, Literally...

the evil auto-flusher.  damn you, technology!  damn you to hell!I just had an authentic episode of physical comedy in the restroom at work. Me v. Auto-flusher.

I placed one of those tissue-paper toilet seat covers down, and as I turned around to drop my pants the auto-flusher fired off and sucked my toilet seat cover right down the drain.

No big deal. I put another one down, and this time tried to move very slowly so I wouldn't set off the flusher again. As I carefully maneuvered into position, I began to lower my pants, only this time my pants actually pushed the 2nd toilet seat cover into the water. Then the auto-flusher went off again. Christ. When did I turn into Mr. Bean?

Luckily, third time was the charm.

The evil auto-flusher may have won a few early battles, but I believe I ended the war quickly by setting off my own personal "dirty bomb," if you catch my drift.

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