July 2, 2003

The "K" Stands For "Konspiracy"

I bought a giant box of "Special K with Red Berries" at Costco. It's pretty good. But it has been troubling me that they call it "Red Berries," when the only berries in there are strawberries. Granted, strawberries are red, but that doesn't make it right. I called Kelloggs to get to the bottom of it.

Me: "Why is it called Red Berries when the only berries in there are strawberries? Why not call it Special K with Strawberries?"
Kelloggs: "Our marketing dept. is in charge of the names, so I'm not sure. I think it might have to do with the cereal being sold in other countries where there might be other berries in there. Such as raspberries."
Me: "Yes. I've heard of those. But wouldn't they have to print the box in a different language at that point?"
Kelloggs: "Not necessarily."
Me: "But they would have to change the picture on the box if there were raspberries in there, right? Because this picture only shows strawberries."
Kelloggs: "Ummm... Like I said, our marketing dept. is in charge of coming up with the names. I don't really know why."
Me: "Do you think they were trying to put one over on us to make it sound like there were a variety of berries in there when there really aren't?"
Kelloggs: "I don't think that was their intention, I'm sorry if that's what you thought when you bought it."
Me: "I only started thinking it after I got home. I just want to understand."
Kelloggs: "I don't have a good answer for you."

I think we've all learned something valuable from this conversation: Sweet Christ, I have no life.

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