October 7, 2003

The Art of the Apology

A sincere, well-worded apology can heal many a wound -- including a forgotten birthday.

Last week my friend Jessica forgot mine. She felt terrible when she remembered and called to set things right.

Here is the darling apology she left on my voicemail. I consider it the ideal belated birthday present.

An Elegant Apology mp3
(Note: Jessica's language can be a tad "salty.")

Now here's the shocker guys: this classy little lady is single! I know it's hard to believe such a delicate flower has not been snapped up yet, but here's your chance. Not only does she kiss her mother with that mouth, but play your cards right and one day she may kiss yours. With her blessing to do this, you can email Jessica here. I'm not kidding.

Win her heart. I dare you! JESSICA dares you!

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