October 15, 2003

Project Green Paint

Great news! I had an idea for a painting, genius robot artist Eric Joyner has agreed to paint it, and now you can watch the whole thing happen right here at The Sneeze!

THE IDEA: I thought it would be cool to see a boxing arena depicting a real life battle between the toy classic Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. The Red Robot standing victorious over the Blue Robot, who is sprawled out on the mat with his head popped.

The best part about this is I'll be posting every step of the painting as it comes into being. You can follow along from Eric's initial sketch, to my research photos, to work-in-progress shots of the painting itself.

This is going to be really fun. Come back soon, and watch this robot baby come to life! And in the meantime, go pick yourself up some prints from the rest of his fine tin robot collection.

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